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XX:20 + Bowls Scotland Partnership

Peter Grantham

3 Mar 2023

XX:20 is the official kit supplier for Bowls Scotland

XX:20, the Scottish family-run bowls business, is proud to announce our partnership with Bowls Scotland as their official kit supplier. Founded in 2019 by Scottish internationalist Megan Grantham and her father Peter, XX:20 is committed to modernizing bowls clothing and attracting the next generation of bowlers to the sport. We pride ourselves on delivering a fast and reliable service at competitive prices, and offer a wide range of products from established bowls retailers.

Our success in providing bespoke club clothing to numerous bowling clubs throughout Scotland has led to the exciting opportunity to design and produce all of Bowls Scotland's international playing kit. In addition, XX:20 will provide clothing for Bowls Scotland staff and volunteers, and operate within the Retail Marquee during July's National Championships.

Peter Grantham, XX:20 Co-owner, said: "I am delighted to be working alongside Bowls Scotland. This partnership will bring a modernised look to bowling. We are excited to be playing our part in developing a brighter future for the sport."

Alan McMillan, Bowls Scotland CEO added: "I'm pleased to welcome onboard XX:20 as our official kit supplier for the next 3 years.

"We believe that both our values and XX:20's values are aligned in terms of modernising the sport and I’m excited to see this vision become a reality over the coming years. As Megan and Peter are both experienced working in the bowls industry, we know that they will deliver a high-quality service to both our clubs and their members."

A wide range of kit will be available to order online, including replica Scotland playing kit. Go to our homepage at or contact us via to learn more.

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